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Lauren Stout is the Owner and Founder of Stout Petrographic. Stout Petrographic is a consulting company that performs high-end petrographic interpretation of conventional and unconventional reservoirs. As with any technical analysis, it is more valuable when integrated with other data. At Stout Petrographic, Lauren integrates geochemistry, biomarker data, diagenetic models, stratigraphic analysis, and paleo analysis with her high-end petrographic work. At Stout Petrographic the goal is to provide timely easily communicable interpretations to help clients become more efficient in production, exploration, or A&D. The partnership with EPOCH consulting allows Stout Petrographic to integrate petrophysics into the workflow which has proven to be extremely valuable for clients.

 Lauren earned her B.A. from Franklin and Marshall College in Geosciences and her M.S. from the Colorado School of Mines in Geology, with a focus on petrographic analysis, carbonate diagenesis, and stable isotope analysis. After graduating from Colorado School of Mines, Lauren worked as a geologist at SWN. There she learned the operational side of unconventional reservoirs in the Arkoma and Appalachian basin but also was utilized heavily in Exploration. Due to her background in petrography and paleontology she helped the SWN Exploration division value new hybrid plays. During that process she led the effort and created the SWN petrography lab. She became incredibly well versed in carbonate and clastic petrography with an emphasis on diagenesis and isotopic analysis. Lauren was also a first adaptor of using QEMSCAN (combined SEM and EDS imaging) on thin sections to enhance diagenetic and petrophysical studies.

 After SWN, Lauren worked for Aramco Services Company where she managed laboratory operations for the Geology Technology Team. In that position, she became extensively trained in GC, GCMS, GC-IRMS, EA-IRMS, Rock Eval Pyrolysis, Hyperspectral Imaging, and various microscopes. At the end of 2019, Lauren established Stout Petrographic where she utilizes her extensive skills for the company.